We process and supply Datasets

Cleansed Datasets

We provide formatted, clean datasets from many sources ready for use in research, analysis and reporting.

  • Formatted and Checked
    We run automatic checks followed by manually checking to provide high quality data.
  • Easy to use
    we provide the data in formats which are simple to use. This allows you to start researching and analysising straight away.
  • Fast
    All our standard datasets are available to be instantly downloadable.
  • Cost effective
    Save time and hassle and get on with analysing and reporting rather than preparing and formating data.
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Bespoke Work

We have over 30 years experience of formatting and cleaning data. Following is a list of some of the services we can offer. Please contact us with your individual requirements and see how we can help.

  • Format conversion
    We have completed many conversions: XML to CSV, JSON to CSV, Tiff to PDF, etc
    We have done this for small to massive size datasets and able to write bespoke software to handle propriortory or unusual formats
  • Data cleansing
    We can clean data to your specification. We are able to do this for most data formats and can suggest solutions and improvement strategies for the data
  • Data collection
    Many Government and Private organisations produce continuous datafeeds. We can set up software to monitor and save the data from these and provide it in the format you require
  • Other
    If what you are looking for isn't listed please contact us with you requirements. We have been involved in many projects since the 1980's and usually can help or suggest a company who will be able to.
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